Her Name was Joy

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Her Name was Joy

  Not many people can claim that they really believe in angels. Most people would say seeing is believing.  I am one of the few that can claim they believe. I believe because I have seen.   As some of you may have read in previous posts, I have battled with depression for quite a while. Like since I was 10 years old while.  One average night, I was at a very low place in my many valleys of depression. I believe I was around 13 years old, just in the throws of new hormones and emotions and worries of junior high on top of the already misconstrued view of life from my illness.  I was sitting on my bed in my room alone crying my eyes out.  Crying for God to show me a sign that my life wasn’t supposed to be filled with pain and suffering each and every day. I was begging for some sort of relief from the fear, the hatred, the inner loathing I had of myself. I just wanted five minutes of calm.   That night my prayers were answered.   Silently screaming in my head, I suddenly heard a whisper, “Joy.” I opened my eyes to see a brilliant sight standing in front of me. Words cannot express the beauty of her, but every single color known to man was glowing from her presence. She had long curley blonde hair that seemed to be floating mid-air. She had the biggest and most comforting smile. I heard her again without her needing to move her lips, “Joy.”  And as soon as she appeared, she disappeared into the brilliant light behind her.   Without explanation, I knew God had sent His sign and that I was being watched over by my guardian angel. In that moment, I was still covered in tears from my previous fit yet I felt completely different. I had been touched by something out of this world. I had heard the voice of my angel. She watches over me, trying to get me to see the wonderful joy of the world that surrounds me every day. Reminding me to seek joy. Reminding me to feel joy. Reminding me to share joy with the world.   I believe because I have seen, I believe because I have heard, I believe because I have felt her. Her name was Joy.

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