50 Ways to Say I Love You

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50 Ways to Say I Love You

It doesn’t matter if you’re married or single, young or old, male or female. Everyone wants to be loved. Here are 50 ways you can say I love you, today. Trust me, someone is desperately needing to hear it. 1. Smile at a stranger 2. Forgive an old wound 3. Share your last piece of gum 4. Pray with someone 5. Send a card 6. Visit someone who is lonely 7. Acknowledge someone’s pain 8. Take a meal 9. Share the gospel 10. Spend some time 11. Give someone else the last piece of cake 12. Send flowers 13. Say it with chocolate 14. Apologize 15. Make a phone call 16. Drive someone to a doctor’s appointment 17. Let someone else go first 18. Let someone cry 19. Do that chore that no one else wants to do 20. Hug a friend 21. Bake something 22. Hold the door 23. Give up your seat 24. Babysit 25. Say I Love You 26. Listen 27. Write a love note 28. Say Thank you 29. Make eye contact 30. Make someone feel seen 31. Invite someone to church 32. Buy someone’s meal in the drive-thru 33. Visit a nursing home 34. Rock a baby 35. Don’t say I told you so even when you told them so 36. Don’t hold a grudge 37. Hold hands 38. Kiss 39. Play a game 40. Put down your phone 41. Daydream with someone 42. Believe in someone 43. Laugh 44. Open your home to people 45. Be like Christ 46. Meet someone for coffee 47. Serve 48. Sacrifice 49. Step outside your comfort zone 50. Say I Love You {Originally published in 2013}

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