Next Week Never Comes

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Next Week Never Comes

  It’s a small decision, but a decision none the less.   I have decided to stop saying that “next week will be better.” Not “better” as in- this week is bad. Just “better” in that I will have more time, things will be less stressful, we will have fewer commitments and overall life will throw us fewer surprises than the current week.   I have decided to own up to the current reality that “next week” never comes.  Because there is always a “next week.”   A conversation with my husband and a look at our family calendar identifies that we are clearly outnumbered. Way out numbered-  in terms of the desires, interests, commitments, responsibilities and have to’s that our family has. And that doesn’t leave room for the extra, unscheduled, unplanned, spontaneous and restful time that every family needs.   And so two things are beginning to happen: First off, we are taking a current evaluation of the things in our life. Work, school, church, designated family time and marriage building time is made priority. Then, any additional items are filled in around. Many stay but some have to go. There are sports and music practices, games and programs, therapies, friendships, ministry opportunities, birthday parties, extended family opportunities, etc. This is where my head starts to spin.   It’s clearly just too much.  And I am craving some white space.   There are too many good, fun, wonderful, impactful and important things. So, we’ve re-secured our parenting hats and my husband and I are making decisions. Sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no.” Not “yes” because we can and “no” because we can’t. But our answer is based on looking at our family as a whole a deciding what we are, and are not, willing to take on.   This may sound simple and obvious. Because it is. But I have noticed the older my children get, the more desires they have and the more ways we see them gifted and want to let them succeed. Then there are the relationships we need to maintain, the ministry we want to do, the ways we see God can use us. And just like that things can spin out of control before you realize you need to readjust.   And so we are adjusting.   Secondly, I am owning the fact that “next week” isn’t coming. It’s about this week. I am present in this moment, today. So, once we’ve made decisions about what we will and won’t put on our physical and emotional schedule (and trust me the emotional is sometimes more demanding), once we’ve done that- I’m going to enjoy it. It’s going to be busy, sometimes a little coming and going of the masses. There will be practices and games, last minute runs to Walgreens for school report display boards, and birthday cards with inserted cash because I didn’t get around to buying a gift. My crock pot will be like my right hand girl making delicious dinners while we are on the go.   And that’s okay.   Because next week isn’t going to be any better. And so complaining, whining, throwing a fit and getting upset are going to help. If the to do item is something that we said “yes” to then I’m going to be all in (Jesus help me!). And if it was a “no” that has made it’s way into our life, then we will gently address it and tell it no again. A little louder this time.   You with me?   I don’t want to complain. Or grumble. I Thessalonians 5:18 says, “In everything give thanks.” Short and sweet.   God has given me today. With my people. His people that He has entrusted me with. 5 wonderful, talented, gorgeous, healthy (besides the one with pink eye), spunky, silly, smart people I get to call my children. And an amazing husband who understands that he will never understand me. But loves me anyway. And loves the Lord with his every breath and has a bleeding heart for young people to love Jesus.   I get to enjoy them. Today! And I don’t want to miss the moments. And I next week will be just as great!    

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