Starry, Starry Night

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Starry, Starry Night

When my husband was a Boy Scout he had to prove the mettle of his outdoor survival skills by being left in the middle of nowhere with a limited pack of supplies, a compass, and the ability to hike his way out to civilization.  Today, the test isn’t quite that extreme.  Lawyers. But Scouts still need to give up some of our modern comforts in earning their ranks.  So, recently my youngest son returned from a backpacking trip in which he had to build a shelter from leaves, sticks, and rope to sleep outside.  In the middle of the night he told me that through the cracks in his “roof” he could see the magnificence of the display of stars above him.  Well, his exact words were, “Mom, it was so beautiful.” Then we talked about those stars that were placed in the universe by the God who spoke the world into existence.  Why they twinkle.  And why flowers and rain and citrus fill the air with their unique aromas.  Why the red of a cardinal and the red of an apple are not the same.  And why that cardinal’s song is so sweet and the clap of thunder is so powerful.  Oh, I know there is science behind these lovely wonders.  But, before there was science there was Him.   Did the world have to be full of such creativity and beauty and sensation to accomplish His purposes?  Hardly.  I truly believe that these delights are simply because of His delight in us.  When you love someone the way He loves us, you love to shower them with your delight. And, his dad and I are so in love with this boy who took such joy in the sparkle and expanse of those stars.  We do delight in him.  In his compassion for living creatures.  His enthusiasm in telling us about the latest history documentary he watched.  The way, as a toddler, he would pat our backs when we picked him up to hold him.  And as a teenager, how he treats the girls with such respect – even though their squealy giggliness still drives him a little bit crazy. The way that certain worship songs will bring tears to his eyes.  How he does the right thing even when he thinks no one is watching. So, I will pay tribute to my God who delights so much in me that He allowed me to mother this child – I will return that delight by delighting in this young man, so fearfully and wonderfully made.  I will stock my freezer with his favorite ice cream, play Monopoly with him, and cheer at his games.  I will turn away from a conversation to take his phone calls and leave work early to be by his side.  I will love him enough to say yes.  And love him enough to say no. I will be a witness to his life, and I will shower him with my delight.  So much so that he will see God’s delight in him.  And learn to deeply know how much he is loved by Him who created that starry, starry sky one night when he was just a boy.

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