The Gift of Encouragement {from my daughter!}

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The Gift of Encouragement {from my daughter!}

  My daughter gave me a wonderful birthday gift a few weeks ago. It wasn’t just that she raced downstairs to give me a hug before my early-morning departure for work. And it wasn’t just that she gave me a handmade card. My precious daughter gave me words of encouragement that I dearly needed. As a parent, I often wonder if I’m making a significant difference in my kids’ lives. I doubt that I’m doing enough to help them feel loved and secure, and lead them towards Jesus. But as a part of her gift to me, my teenage daughter reminded me that the little things do make a difference. On hand-made bookmarks, she wrote things I do for her, and each one accompanied by a unique picture (because she is an artist at heart). Her words of truth countered the lies which I had been believing:   “You take me to 24Seven [her church program for middle schoolers].” (I thought I was just doing my parenting job. I didn’t know she really appreciated this.)   “You always encourage me to work harder.” (I always think I’m too tough on her.)   “You like to talk to me about my spiritual growth.” (I always wonder if she’s really listening.)   “You always praise my artwork, and give me other good ideas.” (Sometimes I just want her to clean up her messes and creations.)   “You let me help out at the after school program.” (We don’t just let her do this. We need her to serve and lead!)   “You take me out to eat.” (What Dad doesn’t like to share a Waffle House breakfast with his daughter?)   “You make me laugh, even with your sometimes bad jokes.” (Ah . . . I know she speaks the truth here.)   Dear fellow parents – no matter how often you get specific feedback and encouragements from your children, press on. Know that every little deed you do is filling your child’s “love tank.”    

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