Summer Movie Fun

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Summer Movie Fun

Friday is movie day with our grand daughters this summer. One of the local theater chains has a “Summer Movie” program and, for less than a dollar a movie, you can see ten fun, kid friendly movies throughout the summer. Whether the girls have seen the movie or not, it is still a great time to enjoy the big screen together, complete with a huge drink and bag of popcorn. Most of the time we are laughing together, but there have been a few times when they are both in my lap with their eyes closed, waiting for the “scary” part to be over. Maybe it’s because we all love music, but on several occasions, we have waited until the credits have rolled, the crowd has gone and the music is filling the theater, and then the girls run down to the front and start to dance with wild abandonment- uninhibited, with total glee! It’s a time of pure joy for this grandmother as I watch these little girls pretend to be the beautiful princesses that they just watched on the screen. Yes, there will come a day when their inhibitions will take over and it won’t be cool to pretend to be princesses anymore. And then, way too soon, there will come a time when the dancing will start again as a handsome prince comes into their lives and asks them to be his partner. Having raised two little girls who are now married to their handsome princes, I know how quickly this will happen.  Until then, I am going to enjoy every chance I have to encourage these little girls to dance like the princesses they are. If you have grandchildren, summer is a great opportunity to spend some extra special time together. Why not:

  • Take in a ballgame together
  • Go camping (even if it’s just in the back yard)
  • Take a cooking class together (or teach your own cooking class from your kitchen!)
  • Make a birdhouse in the garage
  • Set up the electric train
  • Teach them how to make homemade lemonade
  • Go to the Science Museum or
  • Show them how to get the most fun out of a roller coaster.

Here’s to summer fun and twirling princesses, Love, Darcy     {Originally published in 2011}

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