How to Keep Your Teens Busy This Summer

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How to Keep Your Teens Busy This Summer

Most teenagers can hardly wait for their summer break to begin, only to find that they run out of “cool” things to do way too soon and then they are get bored. “Bored” was a four letter word in our home. Our kids knew that if they couldn’t find something to keep them occupied, I could. So they learned to make the most of their summers. Here are some ideas for when things start to languish on the home front this summer.

  1. Help your teen discover that life is not always about them. Let them choose how to have a vacation with a purpose:
    • Get them signed up to help out at Vacation Bible School.
    • Help them connect online with the teens of missionaries supported by your church. Both parties have something valuable to offer to each other and learn from one another.
    • Have them volunteer at a camp this summer, either through your church, local community or sports organizations or groups like Young Life.
  2. Why should you have all the fun organizing the family photos?
    • Get them going on making photo albums online of their childhood. Let them have some fun with it by adding their own captions or themes.
    • Just about any teen is savvy enough to edit your family video footage. Let them loose and see what they come up with. Make sure they make a copy that can be sent to the grandparents.
  3. Most teens are chomping at the bit to get their driver’s license. Summers are a good time to bring them up to speed on car care and safety training.
    • Show boys and girls how to check all the fluids in a car and how to change a tire (they’re not always going to be able to get it to the dealership in an emergency)
    • Make sure they know what to do in case they are involved in an accident or pulled over by a policeman. (Location of registration, proof of insurance, information to and from the other driver, etc.)
  4. Spend some special time with each of them connecting to their teenage hearts.
    • Watch a TV program or movie with them that may require some discussion about the values or lifestyle that is being endorsed by the content. Teach them discernment and compassion as they learn to be in the world but not of the world.
    • Sleep under the stars one night (even in the backyard) and talk about the greatness of God and how much God loves them individually.
    • Each week let your teen pick one fast food restaurant to go to with you and then use that time to talk about a subject of their choice.
  5. Help them accomplish a few goals that will give their summer more meaning.
    • Use some of the time to do a project together. Maybe redo their room and help them with the painting. Perhaps build a bookcase or teach them how to sew for fun.
    • Give them a budget and help them put together their back to school clothing wardrobe. This is a great way to teach teens to live within their means and make wise choices that they can live with.

Summers are more fun for you and your teen when you are strategic about keeping them occupied and focused on a few goals and accomplishments. Enjoy! ©Copyright 2010 Family Matters

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