Summer Fun for Grandparents

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Summer Fun for Grandparents

  Summer provides some extra time to connect with your grandchildren. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend extra time with those that are near and extra efforts with those that are far away. Here are a few summer time suggestions for fun with your grandkids:

  1. Commit to reading a chapter book together. Discuss it over ice cream or email.
  2. Choose a night to do some star gazing together. See if you can identify 2-3 constellations and then talk about the awesome God who set those stars in the heavens. Whether you live close or far away, the stars are in the same place.
  3. Volunteer to have your grandchildren come for a sleep over. Movies, popcorn and pancakes appeal to all ages.
  4. Teach each other a new skill. Woodworking, sewing, cooking, gardening, computer skills, video games are all activities that can be fun whether you are the student or teacher.

Grandparenthood offers us a chance to once again help groom a generation for greatness. For more great insight into the wonderful world of grandparenting – check out our book, Extreme Grandparenting.       {Originally published in 2010}

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