Holy #@!&x*

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Holy #@!&x*

When you’ve lived a few decades like I have, you’ve been around long enough to see trends in our culture. Some of these new leanings are really cool like dads changing more diapers and moms letting them. But some of these developments are a bit disturbing like reality shows that have nothing to do with reality and the umbilical cord that tethers us to our technology night and day. One of the trends that I’m becoming more aware of is the de-evolution of language. We use the same word to describe our feelings for ice cream as we do for our children (love). We default to the same expression for lint as we do for sin (hate). Guys like Victor Hugo and Dostoevsky would be ashamed of us. Recently the word “holy” has been front and center as a qualifier for everything from guacamole to God. I like guacamole and I love God. But when the same word used to describe God is also used to make a random noun or an expletive more vivid, I get a little disturbed. If God were a corporation, He could sue for trademark violation since He is the only one who can claim holy status on His own, I’d like to suggest that we get a little more creative and leave God out of the trash talk. Next time you feel the need to evoke an ecclesiastic, power packed adjective to make your point, try something like “hallowed” guacamole or “consecrated” #@!&x*. Those pairings might be more appropriate. Cows, cannolies, and #@!&x* need to get their own qualifiers and leave God’s alone. Here’s to defrocked expletives and sacred sass, Love, Darcy     {Originally published in 2012}

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