And That’s OK

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And That’s OK

  I still have Easter decorations waiting to be put away…and that’s ok. I haven’t unpacked the last four boxes from when we moved in over a year ago…and that’s ok. There are projects yet to be sewn or glued together…and that’s ok. I haven’t lost those pesky last 5 pounds…and that’s ok. Most likely haven’t lost those five pounds because I haven’t given up Starbucks…yet…and that’s ok.     You wanna know why that’s ok? Because for my Mother’s Day, cards and gifts from my kids said this:   “I love my mom because… …she takes time to draw with me. …she reads to me. …she lets me eat donuts. …she makes me laugh. …she plays games with me. …she tells me she loves me. …she forgives me.”   My To Do List goes unfinished and untouched because being a “just a mom” is more important.  My kids have no idea the laundry list of items that need to get done around this house or what I wanted to accomplish by summer this year. They don’t care. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. They don’t see what I see as “important”. All they care about is that I am taking the time to be there for them, to laugh with them, and to provide a loving environment for them. Maybe I need to re-evaluate the meaning of “important” and revise my To Do List…and that’s ok.    

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