Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

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Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

I live in a world where I am constantly thinking, dreaming, and trying to crank out content to help parents be the best parents on the face of the planet. I love teaching mom and dad how to invest in their kids, earn respect, talk about sex, guard their kid’s heart, protect them on Facebook, discipline with love, and invest in their kids spiritually. So many times I get so wrapped up in teaching, trying to be a good father and keeping Team Sprad’s ship from sinking while mom is in nursing school, that I forget to have fun with my kiddos. So today I simply want to remind, draw parents back to the simple truth that your kids are a gift from God, our time with them is limited and we need to take the time to enjoy, and have an absolute blast with them! So if you find yourself in a rut and can’t remember how to have fun with our kiddos, here are a few ideas…

  • Play Twister: I don’t care how old they are, pull out this old school game and you will have a blast!
  • Play Redneck: Dress up like a redneck and go to the store with your kiddos. A bit strange you might ask? Yes, but that’s how Team Sprad rolls.
  • Mud Party: Forget the traditional birthday party. When my kiddos were younger we dug a huge hole in the yard, filled it up with water and had a mud birthday party.
  • Play Legos: I had a total blast with my youngest last week as we stayed up late playing Legos. I forgot how much fun this could be.
  • Dance: Team Sprad loves to play the Dance X-box game together as a family. The number one rule is that mom and dad have to dance. This might not work for the Baptist’s. 🙂
  • Bathtub: Throw some Mr. Bubble in the tub and fill it up until it runs over or almost runs over.
  • Laugh: I mean one of those gut busting laughs!!
  • Movie Night: Find a comedy that your family loves and watch it together! Ours is Nacho Libre.
  • Ice Cream: Eat an ice cream cone outside in the blazing sun! I promise you will be wearing it before you are done.

I know some of these examples are a bit extreme and ridiculous, but I would love to hear how you and your fam have fun?     {Originally published in 2011}

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