Praying Moms

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Praying Moms

For the past twelve years I have spent every Monday morning from 9-10am doing something that I wish I did more of – praying for my kids. It has been my privilege to be part of a Moms In Touchgroup that spends that hour praying for our students, their teachers and their schools. This past Monday morning, instead of gathering in someone’s living room, we assembled at the flag pole in front of our high school. Although this wasn’t the first prayer walk we had done this school year, this was probably the most agonizing and heartfelt. That past week, two sophomore girls had taken their own lives. There was a shocking sadness that haunted the hallways and hearts of our school as the realization came that two of our own had lacked sufficient hope to keep on living. As we walked around the school property, we prayed for the grieving families of the girls, for their friends, for the teachers and administrators and for a spiritual revival in our community. We prayed against the spirit of fear, hopelessness and destruction that had gripped our school and asked God to replace it with His peace and power. Some parents might say that this is exactly why they don’t want their kids at a school like ours. But all of us in my prayer group think that this is exactly why our kids need to be there and why we moms need to be standing with them in prayer. Someone needs to turn the lights on in our dark world and we are praying for our kids as they let their lights shine and allow God’s love to heal a hurting generation. Here’s to praying moms and kids who glow in the dark. Love, Darcy (Written in Summer 2006) ©Copyright 2010 Family Matters and Darcy Kimmel     {Originally posted to blog in 2010}

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