Grace-Based Parenting…For Me

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Grace-Based Parenting…For Me

  Parenting is hard. Just being honest…and probably preaching to the choir.   I have five children ranging from college to 2nd grade. I’m a single working mom. I’m tired.   Unfortunately, I’m also fussy, frustrated, easily annoyed, and just not a fun momma a lot of the time. I can think of many day in the past few years when I have wanted to fall on my face in tears…sometimes I even do. Things are not how I thought they would be when I started this parenting journey. Things are a lot different.   A. Lot. Different.   And I am a lot different. I imagined a calm, sweet, gentle momma for my children. Ugh. I have become an overwhelmed momma who doesn’t have much patience or gentleness. I keep going back to Isaiah 26:3,  

“He will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on Him.”

  Is my lack of calmness, sweetness, and gentleness because I’m allowing myself to be frustrated by this life I live? Am I missing the blessings? Am I focusing on the circumstances rather than my Savior? Isn’t this life the one God gave me to live? I believe it is…it isn’t ideal (by my standards…well, by most people’s standards), but it has beauty, love, and grace all through it.   Grace. I love grace based parenting because it is gospel based parenting.   Our value is not in what we do, but what He has done. Sometimes I need to remind myself that grace isn’t just something I offer to my children, but something God offers to me too. What am I teaching my children about grace when I’m all about continually punishing myself for my mistakes? God doesn’t do that to me…God offers me grace and love despite my failures. Maybe the key is seeing my failures as opportunities to show myself grace so that my children learn to show themselves grace too. Asking forgiveness and moving forward…not constantly looking back with the intent to beat myself up.   And maybe I need to decide what is really important to me…what is causing my impatience and frustration? I’m pretty sure it is because I want things my way.  I really want to get things done and get some rest. I really want my children to just do what I ask, when I ask it, without complaint. Ok…back to life, back to reality. My children are just like me…sinners in need of grace. For all my sweet children’s struggles with sin…my God has the answer.   Grace. For all my failures, God has the answer. Grace. I’ll take it.

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