For Better or For What – Thriving Family Magazine

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For Better or For What – Thriving Family Magazine

“It’s been more than four decades since my wife, Darcy, and I recited the classic wedding vows. Since that time, we’ve often found ourselves as part of an audience listening to some other couple repeating those same words. It’s amazing how differently those words hit us now than they did back then. Decades of marital mileage have a way of doing that to a couple’s perspective. I think I know why. For one thing, when young couples get married, they’re pretty much operating within a bubble of delusion. We sure were! They tend to believe that love will always come easily and it will be more than enough to carry them through adjustments and trials. Then married life shows up and pops that bubble. Nothing prepares you for the reality of reality … like reality.” Read the rest of Dr. Kimmel’s article online at Thriving Family Magazine or in the December 2015 copy of Thriving Family Magazine, on newsstands this week! For more great marriage advice like this, check out the Grace Filled Marriage book and video study.  

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