Family Meetings for Special Needs Families- Part 1

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Family Meetings for Special Needs Families- Part 1

We felt like our family unit needed “check ups” from time to time. Living in a home where one person requires so much more time and attention than the others, it’s easy to neglect by default the very relationships you want to nourish! So, it’s wise to check up on those relationships and be sure they are thriving. Our monthly meetings were great, but sometimes we would have a short weekly meeting! Our family meetings would include:

  • Going over our calendars
  • Communicating about things happening at school and work
  • Taking time to share frustrations or concerns needing to be addressed

Having this open communication allows for:

  • Open discussion
  • Attentive availability
  • Fosters openness outside of family meetings

Family meetings help us focus on:

  • Things of importance (which for us is our walk with the Lord, our family relationships, our friends, our work, and ministry. )
  • Which direction we’re going
  •  How and where we can help each other.  (If we’re working together, more will be accomplished and each person is heard and understood in an effort to all be moving forward in relationship and life.)

The beauty of these meetings is that we keep things “on the table” and not being swept under the rug. Sweeping things under the rug, not discussing challenges and frustrations, not addressing needs and wants, and simply ignoring things of importance will hinder good communication and good relationships. It’s also helpful just to “connect” and get to say and do things that one might miss on a day to day basis when life is crazy, moving at a fast speed, and to get to hear each other’s hearts. If you really want to make meetings “lighter” than sometimes life is, consider making your meeting time a time to share:

  • Your favorite “thing” that happened to YOU this past month
  • A fun snack that is someone’s favorite around the table
  • Answering a fun “conversation starter” question JUST FOR FUN (Example: What’s your favorite saying, thought, or quote? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? What do you have a taste for right now? Who’s your closest friend right now?)

Making these meetings informational, educational, fun, and helpful is the goal. Give it a try!

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