It’s back to the Grind . . . School!

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It’s back to the Grind . . . School!

It’s back to the Grind School When your children are in school it seems like the end of summer either comes too soon or not soon enough! What is it for you? As a mom of a son with special needs and two typically developing daughters, I always hated for summer to end, but tried to fill the summer with lots of experiences for fun and to learn along with some opportunities to be ready for their next grade. We all hope we’ve helped our kids grow over the summer in preparation for the new school year and what will be a new routine. We can additionally either help our children prepare in ways that makes the morning “drill” easy and comfortable or we can allow chaos that leads to a morning grind of frustration. I’d have the girls begin to do things like pack their own lunches at age appropriate milestones as well as prepping their clothing the night before –setting it out and having it ready to jump into, having their homework completed the night before and in their book bag so they weren’t scurrying to find it in the morning when time was tight to get out the door. We also had a spot in our laundry room (the exiting area to the garage and car in the morning) where books, lunches, back-packs, and other things for sports or after school activities were to be placed so nothing would be left behind as mom didn’t make extra trips back to school for those things they were to have had in order! This helped us to get out the door in a timely manner and with little fussing and not making everyone wait on one person! Included in the planning was each person preparing their own breakfast and making sure the dishes were put in the dishwasher and not left on the table or sink, making it easier for mom later – whether she came home after taking the children to school, or came home after a full day of work. The frustration factor was so much less having the night before planned and in place. With a little extra planning and training, mornings became fairly calm and easy.

The Ferrini Kids first day of 10th, 9th, and 3rd grade
It’s been a while since our kinds were in school but we remember the routines that developed from the grind that didn’t work so well. Even so, it’s fun to see my one grown daughter teaching her children some of the same routines she was taught and both girls still doing some of them the things they were taught back then on their own today! Even Joey got out all of his lunch items (age 37) showing me he at least knew what goes in the lunch. He hasn’t gotten it all packed, but he’s still got the right idea. Maybe in a few years he’ll have the whole lunch packed and ready to go. Strides have been slow, but fun to see the progress. As you consider the back to school grind, how will you prepare your children for success as they return home from school and as they prepare for getting out the door the next day? We know a little training and planning can help in a big way. Start now to consider what will work for your family. Make it a great new school year for all the children no matter their abilities! And make it fun. It’ll be the memories for the future!

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