Creating a Successful Small Group Environment

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Creating a Successful Small Group Environment

Whether your group is called a Small Group, Life Group, Home Group, Fellowship Group or any other other trendy term that is out there these days, the fact of the matter is that these groups are made up people and are intended to help each person walk deeper with Christ and enrich their faith. For a group to be successful and strong, the members need to feel that they are free to be vulnerable and valued as a member of the group. Here are some Small Group Commitments that ensure success:

  • Courtesy- Each participant should commit to arriving to each session on time, prepared to participate.
  • Acceptance- Each participant should commit to affirm the other participants verbal contributions.
  • Confidentiality- Each participant should be careful not to talk about personal issues shared by fellow participants outside the context of the study.
  • Honesty- Each participant should be forthright and truthful when they speak.
  • Respect- Each participant should be careful not to stand in judgement, give quick advice, or criticize his or her fellow participants. The goal is to make the group a safe place for participants to talk openly about their roles and about their children.

Don’t have a group? Don’t be afraid to start one! With these tips, an open and willing heart, and some pre-written curriculum (like our newest study , it’s really easy. Remember, God often chose to use the people that seemed the least qualified to carry out His works. Not only do you have the opportunity to impact others lives through hosting a group, but God is sure to do amazing things in and through you as well!

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