I Will Freak Out

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I Will Freak Out

Sometimes the things that take us off guard are the words our children speak. For us, there are many memories of family times away from home over holidays, and many particularly at Easter since we’d often be in Florida. Sometimes it would be “Easter church at the condo” where the children ran the church service for our little family and other family or friends that might be joining us. What fun it was to learn from them as they told the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection – sometimes along with cut-outs of Jesus and others in the story line. That came honestly through one daughter who became an elementary school teacher/now homeschooling mom, and the other a musical theater major. It was a fun and serious take we’d have on the story of Easter. Having a son with special needs including low verbal skills, we’d get from him laughter, sighs, and smiles (he understands a lot!) as the stories were told. But seldom would he say anything about the story except maybe, “I love Jesus.” He can take it all in, but to repeat it or to use words in a full sentence; it’s not the norm. But one day just Joe and I were together and neither of us was talking about Jesus, and neither of us had asked him a question, but when he heard a Christian song on the radio, he gasped, looked around at me in the backseat and his dad driving next to him, and said (with his hands over his heart making me think he was having a heart attack!), “Some day I will see Jesus face to face, and I will freak out!” How long did it take for us to stop laughing in amazement of this reality to him, and in the amazement that he put 14 (his record) words together at one time in a clear sentence? Those were very special words from him and they came out of nowhere. We’ve not heard them again since that time, but we cherish that deep in his heart were these vivid words that sprang up and gave life to the moment, just like Jesus’ resurrection gives us life in eternity if we believe and receive Him. As we approach Easter, are there ways to celebrate “out side of the box” to make a message stick with you and others? Is there a moment of your celebration that will happen “per chance” because you have done something just a little differently? Give it a try. Make a memory. And have a blessed Easter celebration from our family to yours!

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