A Marriage Proposal that Made Friday “Good”

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A Marriage Proposal that Made Friday “Good”

People often wonder why the Friday before Easter is called “Good” Friday. When you learn the details of what took place that day, they seem anything but good. From the weight of Jesus carrying His cross to Golgotha, to the Crown of Thorns He bore, and the nails driven through His hands and feet, how could any of this be good? To the false accusations made against Him and the ultimate price Jesus paid that day, it was a day filled with deep sorrow for those that believed Jesus was who he said he was and even to those whose eyes were opened through the events that took place that day. So what makes it good? That is the moment that God proposed to us… a moment, despite the terrible circumstances that lead to it, made it GOOD! Most people would think a public execution is a lousy place to ask someone to marry you. But that’s where God chose to make his intentions known to us. The Bible is clear that the cross is where Jesus bought our salvation with His blood. But there was something else, something rich, deep, and private that Jesus was also doing. It was there that He popped the question to His bride, the church.   Public Execution, Grace Filled Marriage, Grace Based Parenting, Family Matters Blog, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Darcy Kimmel, Quotes Instead of getting down on one knee, He climbed on a cross. Instead of offering an engagement ring, He offered His hands and feet to cold, cruel spikes. Instead of having folks ready to pop corks, He had an angry mob, smug clergy, and fair-weather friends who had abandoned Him. But He gladly did it, because He was so in love with the church and longed to live in relationship with us forever. God works all things together for good. Even on that dark, sorrowful Friday, it became a Good Friday!

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