3 Ways to Ensure a Better Journey on the Road of Marriage

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3 Ways to Ensure a Better Journey on the Road of Marriage

The following article is a guest post by Pastor Jamie Rasmussen of Scottsdale Bible Church. Many people see marriage as a “societal and cultural norm” passed down for generations. Each new generation accepts it or changes it to fit their current and progressing values. Others see marriage as “divinely sourced”—coming from an external divine being—who has given the framework of what marriage can and should be. Which is it for you? Is marriage a societal/cultural norm or a divine design? It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to realize that God’s ideal and design has been greatly frustrated by many of us imperfect human beings. Marriage is a hard road for all. Because marriage is hard, here are three bits of counsel that I believe will help in getting God’s design to be realized in your life. When you don’t feel like keeping the vows, allow the vows to keep you At most marriage ceremonies, vows are given as promises made before God to the spouse. These are statements of commitment and loving sacrifice. Inevitably, tough times come and they often come with a temptation to give up on the vow that was given. Instead of relying on emotions and feelings, rely on the vow itself, trusting that by remaining true to your vow, you will be kept safely in a place that preserves both the permanence and picture of your marriage. Never give up on intimacy   Here are a few pointers on how to develop your intimacy in your marriage relationship:

  • Maintain hope.
  • Learn to communicate.
  • Know each other’s love language.
  • Say “I’m sorry” a lot.
  • Work on your own priorities.
  • MEN:  take the initiative! (There are roles mentioned in Ephesians 5)

Don’t be afraid to seek help Every marriage benefits from outside help. It makes sense that you can use some guidance in the progress of your marriage. Welcome the wisdom and insight from godly friends, pastors, and counselors. Attend marriage weekend retreats/conferences, read books, and invest in making your marriage great. Seek help when you need it, and receive help even when it’s offered. It is impossible to exaggerate that God is so for your marriage! As you seek help, never give up on intimacy, and allow your vows to keep you, you’ll enjoy the permanence of marriage. About Pastor Jamie Rasmussen Pastor Jamie is the Senior Pastor of Scottsdale Bible Church. He has over 25 years of experience in preaching, teaching, and theology. His real-world experience lends itself to his ministry. He can apply biblical truths to any situation, including issues in marriage.  

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