17 Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for When You Can’t Go Out

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17 Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for When You Can’t Go Out

Whether it’s because of the current need for social distancing or because you can’t find a babysitter, sometimes couples need to find creative ways to connect and keep the romance alive even if they can’t go out on a traditional, “date.”

Here are some ideas for stay-at-home dates:

1.) Make a meal together after the kids go to bed.

2.) Have game night with a two player board game or card games.

3.) Netflix and Chill

4.) Make photo books together from past family photos (either digital or printed.)

5.) Do a Bible Study Together on Right Now Media (inquire if your church has an account.)

6.) Do a Youtube workout together.

7.) Learn a new language together

8.) Paint along with Bob Ross

9.) Take a bubble bath

10.) Do a home improvement or organization project together

11.) Have a baking competition after watching The Great British Bake Off

12.) Double date with friends via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom

13.) Read a book or article together and discuss it.

14.) Play good, old fashioned Twister. (And try to get tied up in knots!)

15.) Make a charcuterie board and eat it together by candle light.

16.) Take a walk together just the two of you.

17.) Put on some music and slow dance.

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