In Quarantine, Stillness wins.

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In Quarantine, Stillness wins.

Having spent many years over-scheduling and over-committing, I know well how toxic busyness can be. I was my own victim for far too long. So, I’ve worked pretty diligently to create margin in my life. I know my capacity and I’m no longer timid about protecting myself.

And before the world came to a grinding halt, I believed that it was only external forces that kept me from the rest that my soul needed. But, what has been quickly exposed is the fact that with no outside forces competing for my time and my energy, stillness can still elude me. Because even while my calendar is clear and clean, my heart can still swirl with chaos.

Maybe for that reason, I’ve always loved Psalm 46:10:

He says, ‘’Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

It is a touchstone verse that helps us through times of struggle with a reminder that God is with us and God is moving, and when we are powerless, He is not. But, to know the real authority of this verse, I have to remember that it is a verse written in the broader context of great strife and trouble. It is a verse for a time of real battle. And sometimes our enemy isn’t another nation coming against us with a great army. Sometimes our enemy is a tiny little micro-organism with just as much power for destruction. Oftentimes, our enemy is our own inner turmoil.

And that is the spot I found myself this morning during my time with the Lord. Getting a little worn out from isolation. Becoming a little weary from so much unknown. Tired of waiting for my boys to be able to get back to their lives. Needing to claim the power of His call to be still. And this is what He said to me . . .

My beloved child,

Be still and know . . . that I haven’t left My throne. I am not surprised by this current reality and I am in control. Your government is not. Your doctor is not. My plans are perfect and My timing is perfect. I am the beginning and the end.

Be still and know . . . that I can handle your discouragement and doubt. I can handle your fear and your hopelessness, too. Just keep bringing it to Me; don’t stop talking to Me.

Be still and know . . . that your sorrows grieve Me, too. I am so near to your broken heart. I will right every wrong. I will redeem every injustice. I will make all things new.

Be still and know . . . that I see you. Even as I am commanding the wind, I never take My eyes off you. I know what you need today, tomorrow, and always, and I will give it to you.

Be still and know . . . that I have only kind and perfect intentions toward you. My goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.

Be still and know that I will never leave you. I have promised this and I never break My promises. Never.

Be still and know that I love you. I love you with a fierceness that even the way you love your own children can’t compare. My love doesn’t have limits or conditions. Count on it.

Keep your eyes squarely on me. Keep your hope firmly rooted in Me. The battle is won, so you just have to be still.

Oh, how precious is a God who speaks to us. A God we can hear when we take the time to be still. I am praying that you are listening today for the words He has just for you.

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