Grace for the 2020 Graduate

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Grace for the 2020 Graduate

The Class of 2020 faces challenges none of us saw coming. It feels like the bottom dropped out of a lot of dreams and the momentum of life and milestones has hunkered down with the rest of the world.⁠

And yet, in the midst of the sadness of loss of milestones, there is an opportunity to meet this unexpected challenge with grace. Here are just a few ideas:⁠

  1. Write about their experience- When we study history, primary sources are like gold. They offer first hand accounts of events, daily life and culture that are vital to understanding our past and learning from it. History books will one day teach about the global pandemic of 2020, and our kid’s writing will help future generations understand this difficult time. (And don’t tell the kids, but writing is also cathartic.)⁠
  2. Send letters of thanks to their teachers- Teachers have worked so hard to help our kids continue learning and to provide vital services that they need. Even just a short email of gratitude will touch their heart and let them know that their work has made a difference.⁠
  3. Encourage their friends who are down- Whether its the financial impact of this crisis on a family, or the loss of normalcy, socialization and identity that many kids find at school, there are some students who are feeling deep despair. Your student can play a vital role in encouraging their friends who are struggling. Maybe organize a drive by parade celebrating their graduation, or drop off a little treat and a note on their porch. Even just making a post honoring and celebrating their friend and their accomplishments this year on social media can provide a needed emotional boost that can make a huge difference in their life.⁠
  4. Shine the light of hope- Now more than ever we all need an added dose of hope. For students who know Jesus, this is a great opportunity for them to share with their friends, even in subtle ways, about the hope they have in Jesus. None of our current crisis has taken Him by surprise. He is in this pain and difficulty with us and He loves our kids more than we can even imagine.⁠

    **What are you doing to help your student navigate this time?⁠

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