Small Groups in a Pandemic


Small Groups in a Pandemic

The global pandemic has changed so much about how we live our lives, and if you’re anything like me, you miss your church family and small group Bible Study communities tremendously. In some areas, people are able to meet in person again, while in others, social distancing makes it impossible. Yet, God is working in our churches, hearts and homes in many new, exciting ways. At Grace Based Families, we’ve seen how God’s grace is able to bring hope and healing to families more than ever before. One of the most powerful resources we offer is our small group video studies.

All our studies use streaming technology and offer a flexible format that can be done with a group in-person, remotely with a virtual group, or from home individually or with your spouse. The pandemic may have stopped us from doing lots of things, but it can’t stop us from learning and growing together in grace!

Here are some of our most popular video studies for parenting, marriage and grandparenting:

Grace Based Parenting Video Studies

Grace based parenting is simply parenting your kids the way God parents us…with grace!

Dr. Kimmel offers a revolutionary concept that focuses on the model and guidance provided by God the Father – the ultimate child and family expert.

This bundled set includes all three Grace Based Parenting Video series and is a comprehensive study of the Grace Based Parenting model.

Grace Based Discipline Video Study

Parenting is hard. Yes, we love our kids, but they know how to misbehave and push all our buttons. We want to raise them to love and obey God, but we can’t even get them to obey us!

Here’s the good news: we can learn to respond to our kids with love, firm boundaries and grace-based discipline, even when their behavior lights our fuse.

In this video study, Karis Kimmel Murray, author of the book, “Grace Based Discipline” will teach you how to:
•    Stay calm, even when you’re staring down the barrel of a loaded toddler
•    Customize your discipline to your child’s unique personality, age and needs
•    Set rules based on God’s priorities, not yours
•    Apply consequences that really work

Grace Filled Marriage Video Studies

Married couples start out with lots of love in their hearts for each other. But real-time life and the personal issues we bring to the arrangement put that love to the test.

Even the most committed couples find that it’s easy to develop ways of dealing with each other that work against the best interests of the relationship. This often puts wear and tear on their friendship, their roles as parents, and steals a lot of joy and passion from their sexual relationship.

What’s interesting is that for most marriages, the thing that’s most lacking in their relationship isn’t love; it’s grace. When God’s grace is the active ingredient of your marriage, it automatically brings the best out of your spouse.

Grace Based Grandparenting Video Studies-

If you’re going to be a grandparent, why not be intentional? That’s not only where the real fun and joy is, but it’s also where you’ll find a pro-active, deeply relational way to make an earthly and eternal difference with your grandchildren.

Grandparenting was God’s idea. And the good news is that he outlined a plan for how to be an effective one. He provided the ideal delivery system, four strategic roles for you to play, and a deeper heart connection for you to enjoy. In this 2 part video study — Grace Based Grandparenting: Discover the Secrets to Heart Connection & Solving The Sticky Situations — we will equip you with a profound relational strategy that will empower you to touch your grandchildren’s lives for time and eternity.

Whether or not you were as effective as you wanted to be as a parent, this study offers you a chance to once again, help cultivate a generation for greatness.


So, why not get creative and put a group together (in person where possible, or virtually) and work through one of our transformational video studies together. We are confident it will bring a sense of hope to the tough work parenting, marriage and grandparenting.

Have you participated in one of our small group video studies? Tell us about it in the comments!

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