Shoplifting Groceries

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Shoplifting Groceries

“I was grocery shopping a few weeks ago. I looked at my cart full of groceries and thought, yep. That’s everything I need. Then I just pushed my cart out to the truck. As I loaded everything in the back, I wondered why in the world they hadn’t put it in bags.

Then I realized it’s because I forgot to check out!

If I’d been caught at that exact moment, I could have been legitimately prosecuted for shoplifting a week’s worth of groceries. But, in this case, context and intentions matter.

Fortunately, the store was gracious when I walked my contraband back inside and explained that mommy fatigue had caused my brain to go all Walking Dead.

Sometimes our kids do stuff that looks, in the moment, like a crime. But grace says we’ll take time to understand the context of their actions and uncover their intentions before we decide if they’re jailbait.”

-from Grace Based Discipline, by Karis Kimmel Murray

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