New Year, New Budget

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New Year, New Budget

As we look toward 2021, many people have plans to improve their physical fitness, but what about your financial fitness?

The first step if you haven’t already is to make a budget. Know where all your money is going and find ways to save in some areas.

Here are some tips for improving your bottom line:

  1. Meal plan/organize grocery shopping
  2. Sell what you no longer need (eBay, consignment stores, Offer Up)
  3. Buy clothes at thrift stores (especially for kids)
  4. Control eating out spending (find BOGO’s or kids eat free places, make school lunches instead of sending money to school with kids) Skip the morning coffee at Starbucks and make it at home.
  5. Shop around (negotiate your cable bill, lawn care service, car insurance, cell phone or other providers)
  6. Head to the library/park (most libraries have family DVDs for rent. A family movie night at home with make-your-own pizzas not only saves money but is just as memorable). Family Bike ride and free community events.
  7. Don’t over buy for Christmas or Birthdays. (Kids don’t remember what you got them, especially if they are young.  Don’t break the bank).
  8. Avoid the impulse check-out line purchases for kids (soda, candy, pokemon cards). Saying “NO” is okay.
  9. Teach your kids to have skin in the game (school book fair, Christmas shop, presents, gum)

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