How to Have Grace for the Picky Eater

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How to Have Grace for the Picky Eater

Do you have a picky eater?

It can be hard to get kids to try new foods. Keep in mind that toddlers and preschool-age kids are developing rapidly, and new tastes, textures and smells can feel overwhelming to them amid the constant growth they experience day to day.

Teaching our kids to take at least one, “no-thank-you bite” means that they will be trying new foods, but that they are given the autonomy to choose not to consume all of that food. It also gives them a way to show good manners and be polite when they are served food at a restaurant or friend/relative’s house. This teaches them poise while at the same time giving them the freedom to be candid and different.

Little by little, these “no-thank-you bites” add up to them getting variety in their diet, trying new foods and maybe even growing to like them. It also helps smooth out any relational challenges that can come from picky eating.

And remember parents, we need to model these same behaviors for our kids. Maybe the concept of a “no-thank-you bite” ought to apply to some of us adults as well!

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