Exciting news about the future of Grace Based Families

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Exciting news about the future of Grace Based Families

Since Grace Based Families started forty years ago, it has been committed to helping individuals, families and churches treat one another the way God treats them – with grace. Though the methods have changed, the message of grace has remained the same.

As a result of God’s faithful work through Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel and the team surrounding them, thousands upon thousands of families around the world have been transformed by grace.

To help carry this message to a new generation of families, Tim Kimmel and the board have unanimously decided to hire Cody Kimmel as the new president of Grace Based Families. Tim will remain engaged as the Founder and will still play a pivotal role in championing the message of God’s grace for families moving forward.

Meet Cody Kimmel

Cody Kimmel is Tim and Darcy’s eldest son and has spent the last twenty years as a pastor, professor, writer, and business owner. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Cody believes in the power of God’s grace to set families free. Not only has he experienced the message of grace in his own life, he has seen it change countless families around him.

Along with his new role with Grace Based Families, Cody also hosts the children’s story podcast, Lightcatchers. He lives in West Linn, Oregon with his wife, Lauren, and four kids, Kyler, Hayes, Wesley and Mabel.

We can’t do this without you

Grace Based Families is committed to seeing individuals and families transformed by God’s grace into instruments of restoration and reformation. Through conferences, books, podcasts, video studies, and workbooks, we hope to help families be a beacon of light in a broken and hurting world. 

But we can’t do it alone.

For the last forty years, God has used this community to support the work of Grace Based Families through prayer, sharing the message, and financial generosity. As we step into the future, we are asking that you continue to support the work God is doing through this ministry.

Here’s how you can support us:


We know that heart change is a work of God and need your prayer:

  • Pray that we would have ears to hear what God is doing and the humility to participate in his work. 
  • Pray that broken families would be healed. 
  • Pray that churches would be better equipped to minister to their families. 
  • Pray that workplaces would be filled with grace-based individuals committed to treating their coworkers the way God treats them. 
  • Consider trying our 31 days of prayer for your spouse.

Share the message

Your connection to this ministry probably started with a book, a conference, or a study that helped you understand God’s heart of grace in a new way. Share that with a friend, family member or coworker who you think would benefit from the grace-based message. If you don’t know where to start, you can have them download The Grace Based Blueprint (it’s free!)..

Support us financially

As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of our community to pursue our mission of setting families free with God’s grace. 

  • If you already support us financially, thank you! Your investment is helping to make a difference in families all over the world.If you do not already support us financially, please consider giving to the work of setting families free.

Whether it’s a onetime gift, monthly donation, or year-end gift, your contribution will be used to help transform and empower families through the power of God’s grace. To give, you can click the button below.

We know that the message of God’s grace is just as relevant for families today as when Grace Based Families started over forty years ago. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next forty years!

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